The diet of the apple

The diet of the apple

If you want to lose weight in a healthy way you came to the right place, with the apple diet you can achieve it easily if you are dedicated and do it as we indicated, you just have to read this article until the end and leave us the comments.

You will be amazed at how your abdomen will lower in a short time, you will eliminate unwanted fat quickly and effectively, you will see.

If you feel that you are without strength, it is normal so do not stop in your goal of losing weight, Hands on!

Apple diet

Day 1

During the first day you can get down to 1.5 kg, it will give you a bit of hunger but that is the sacrifice you will make, all the nutrients you need apples, so do not worry.

For this day you will only eat apples, two in the morning, one at lunch and three for dinner. If you feel that you can not eat more you can eat a raw carrot or a cup of skimmed yogurt or a mixed salad with a touch of salt.

Day 2

For seasoning use only sea salt and eat the following:

Have an apple and a glass of soy milk, have a carrot salad with beets, mint leaves, salt and pepper with an apple.

For dinner, just eat two apples.

Day 3

Eat an apple, with two scrambled eggs and a slice of wholemeal bread.

Lunch an apple with a salad of cucumber, tomato, avocado, basil leaves, cheese, pepper and olive oil and dinner a salad with two slices of ham, carrots, broccoli, salt and pepper.

Day 4

You can take all the black and green tea you want as they have antioxidants that will help you stay up during the day, for breakfast you will have an apple shake with celery, beets and half a glass of soy milk.

For the meal he eats an apple, a cup of lentils and a glass of black tea. You will have an apple dinner, with a little vegetable soup, half baked potato and a glass of green tea.

Day 5

This is the last day, you almost achieve it! When you get here your metabolism must be more accelerated and ready to absorb better nutrients you will have an apple breakfast, two boiled eggs or a sweet potato, a cup of lentils or beans.

Go to breakfast two eggs passed by water, an apple and some roasted vegetables, food an apple with baked or steamed fish, a potato cooked with boiled vegetables and salt and for dinner and finish this diet an apple with 5 nuts and a glass of almond milk. Ready you reached the end!


We are sure that if you did it literally you will have lost a few kilos, you should know that it was not easy so stay and do not overdo it, perform regular exercise and drink plenty of water to hydrate.

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The diet of the apple
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