The diet of Oats

The diet of Oats

Who has not dieted at all? All at some time we wanted to lose those kilos of more that torment us and we have left the diets halfway, we want those kilos to leave overnight but we do nothing to eliminate them effectively.

Oats could be your best ally to carry out this purpose successfully. Do you want to know how? Well, with the oats diet, you just have to do it as we say and also do some exercise for 30 minutes a day, even if it’s just walking, and you’ll see results very soon.

Oats cleans your colon and helps you burn fat, as well as filling your stomach and preventing you from eating too much, Take note!

Oat Diet

Day 1:

Have 4 strawberries with 4 tablespoons of a vein with milk, in the middle of the morning eat an apple piece or a cup of tea, at midday eat 3 tablespoons of oats skim milk or water; a mixed salad with tomato, broccoli, asparagus, olive oil and a pinch of salt. An apple with 2 tablespoons of fresh cheese.

At mid afternoon, have a cup of tea or fruit, and eat 3 tablespoons of oats with water or milk; 2 washed and peeled carrots seasoned with olive oil. Cook an apple baked with cinnamon and 2 tablespoons of fresh cheese. Very tasty everything!

Day 2:

For breakfast eat 3 tablespoons of oats with milk, an apple or a banana with a cup of coffee or tea free of sugar, for mid-morning snack a cup of vegetable stock and 6 strawberries.

Continue with the lunch that will be a salad of broccoli, tomato, lettuce a pinch of salt, and three tablespoons of oats diluted in water or milk, cook an apple in the oven and put a spoonful of yogurt.

Have a cup of tea or a fruit of your choice.

To dine the same 3 tablespoons of oats diluted in water or milk, a salad of asparagus seasoned with olive oil and salt, and an apple compote with cheese and yogurt.


Repeat the same procedure until you reach 5 days, alternating the menu, you should be clear that you may have some symptoms or side effects such as changes in your mood or feel a little less energy, it is normal.

We ask you to stand firm during the diet and do not fall for temptation! They are only 5 days of effort and sacrifice that will be reflected in your body and your health.

Neither do you worry about making diets that make you lower a lot in two days or you will recover the weight you had and even double, this will make you feel frustrated and your spirits will fall.

If you liked this diet of oats and want to make it, tell us what you think.

The diet of Oats
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