Benefits of pineapple water

Benefits of pineapple water

Pineapple is a tropical fruit with which you can prepare drinks, smoothies, meals or sweet recipes, also if you prefer you can eat it alone on a hot day and it will refresh you!

Who can resist the temptation to drink a cold pineapple juice on a beach? This is the richest drink you can taste and has many properties for your health, pineapple is considered a digestive fruit for its enzymes, diuretic and anti-inflammatory.

By just eating it you can prevent many diseases and avoid serious health problems, it also contains a lot of vitamin C, ideal to fight against colds and flu, it detoxifies and can keep you satisfied for a long time.

Benefits of pineapple water

Benefits of pineapple water for Beauty and Life

Because of its high content of vitamin C strengthens your immune system, only a portion of it would be providing 75 mg of ascorbic acid, the dose needed by an adult per day.

It strengthens the immune system and you will get sick less, you will be stronger against viruses and bacteria.

It can give you the belly you always dreamed. Flat! Because it eliminates the accumulation of gases Goodbye flatulence!

If you feel out of your weight it may not be fat, but you are retaining liquids and this fruit can remove them from your body through urine, this disease makes you more likely to suffer from kidney problems, hypertension and arthritis.

Benefits of pineapple water for Health

Its depurative properties clean the colon and liver and help the liver system work efficiently, eliminating toxins and therefore facilitates the permeability of the blood, produces more cellular oxygenation and helps to expel waste.

It is very good to combat constipation, because of the fiber it contains. You will not suffer anymore!

If your problem is thyroid, the iodine it contains will favor its proper functioning and your symptoms will be under control. Eat it, especially if you have hyperthyroidism!

It is a powerful anti-inflammatory for its component called bromelia, if you have bone diseases such as arthritis or joint pain, drink your juice as much as you can.

Urinary tract infections will tell you Goodbye! Because it helps you urinate more often, preventing bacteria from accumulating in the kidneys and other organs of the urinary system, it is alkaline and therefore will not proliferate.

Remember that if they have operated on you help regenerate the tissues, that’s why you will heal faster.

It decomposes the uric acid so you will not suffer from gout or kidney stones or you will feel better when you drink it.

And something you surely did not know, can make your teeth cleaner and healthier and is very good so that your vision is in good condition.

Benefits of pineapple water
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