Benefits of Oats

Benefits of Oats

Oats is a cereal that besides having a very rich flavor can be used to prepare many nutritious dishes and high in fiber, it is one of the most versatile cereals that exist in nature.

With it you can prepare cakes, cookies, smoothies and atoles for tea or breakfast, add to your yogurt or muesli or mix with just a little vegetable milk, you can get this grain free of wheat or free of it consuming your cooked grain.

So, these are some of the benefits of oat consumption for our health, I hope you can take them into account and enjoy them!

The Benefits of Oats

Avena y Belleza

Turn it into your best ally of beauty! It not only benefits you if you ingest it, you can also use it as a beauty treatment, you can exfoliate your skin with it and use it as a mask to balance your Ph.

Ideal to keep your weight stable, since it prevents you from eating more than necessary and prevents you from feeling anxious about sweets, which favors you in your weight control.

It is able to accelerate the regeneration of tissues thanks to 8 amino acids it contains.

Oats and Health

It is a rich source of oxidants, the avenanthramides that it possesses are polyphenols that are only present in oats, this substance regulates blood pressure and acts as an anti-inflammatory, also favors blood vessels to dilate.

It acts like a prebiotic because it feeds the bacteria that make up the microbiota, the soluble fiber that contains the oats is called betaglucan and this causes the good bacteria of the intestine to reproduce.

Oats regulate sugar levels, which is why it is indicated for people suffering from diabetes or sugar problems. It is very favorable for people who have type 2 diabetes.

It reduces the levels of bad cholesterol or (LDL) and absorbs the cholesterol that the other foods contribute, if you consume it with foods rich in vitamin C you will be able to avoid the oxidation of the cholesterol.

Are you constipated? It is a good way to provide fiber to your body and help your intestines to work to eliminate waste.

Oats contain photochemical substances What helps prevent cancer! By consuming it, the risk of suffering from certain types of cancer that are related to hormones is significantly reduced, if you consume it every day you will have 10% less chance of suffering it.

Its content of B vitamins helps the proper functioning of the nervous system and bones, prevents you from suffering from osteoporosis and demineralization of the bones.

Conclusions of the Benefits of Oats

Then the best thing you can do is integrate the oat into your daily diet, either at breakfast or at snack, prepare cookies or smoothies with it, we are completely sure that you will do well, your life will change, you’ll see !

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Benefits of Oats
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