Benefits of chia

Benefits of chia

Chia is a word that has its origins in the Mayan civilization and means “strength”, people who belonged to this era knew the properties of this wonderful seed, it is so versatile that it can be combined with many other foods whether they are salads, sweets, cakes or even smoothies.

They are loaded with minerals, vitamins and essential fatty acids that give us many health benefits, for example, maintain a stable weight and combat the fat that accumulates in the body and that does not help us at all.

This seed is free of wheat that is why it is recommended for all those who have this condition, contains Omega 3 and antioxidants in higher amounts than other seeds.

We can tell you that it has calcium, 5 times more than milk, twice as much fiber as oats, more potassium than banana, more vitamins than any vegetable, 3 times more antioxidants than delicious blueberries and more iron than spinach (three more times)

Benefits of chia

Chia Beauty and Life

They help you look younger because they have antioxidants that fight against free radicals, they are a true product against aging and stress.

They regenerate the muscular tissues that is why they are ideal for those people who do exercises.

Do you feel tired? This is a good dose of energy, healthy and you will not have to go through the bad time to get an injection of vitamins.

The chia can make you feel less cravings, its power of satiety makes you feel full and therefore you will avoid eating between meals, you can have breakfast kefir with chia every morning and you will feel more energetic.

It does not taste like anything! The chia has no flavor so if you add it to your favorite foods or desserts, it will not alter its flavor, its only purpose is to give you satiety, so do not worry.

Benefits of Chia in Health

The chia seed absorbs a lot of water, they are able to store their weight 12 times more, so if you consume them you will always stay hydrated. In need of water, chia!

They contain a lot of Omega 3, even more than some fish, but to make the most of it, you must chew the seeds well.

Eliminate bad cholesterol and help eliminate constipation and fat, ideal for those who take days to go to the bathroom.

The Omega 3 that it has is able to calm the pain in the joints because it acts as an anti-inflammatory.

They help you eliminate liquids and therefore eliminate toxins, is an excellent source of health, helps counteract cellular oxidation and help you regulate the intestinal flora.


This is the best food you can consume daily if you want to enjoy good health, we recommend that you make it part of your diet so that you enjoy all the benefits of chia.

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Benefits of chia
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